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Ballast Type
Ballast Type
▶ Long Lifetime
▶ Low Power
▶ Eco Friendly

LED TUBE is environmentally friendly products that anyone can use easily at home, in the office, domestic and overseas government and public offices. Product life of 10 years, 50,000 hours satisfies customers much more economically and practically than general fluorescent light. Also it is well-being products to radiate harmful UV and to prevent the inducement of pest which respond to UV.

energy saving
long life span
It can use for 50,000 hours (use for about 10 years if it uses 12 hours per day), about 10 times more than fluorescent light, so it is suitable for places where need frequent replacement or long lighting hour(factory, tunnel)
economizing 30% of power compared to existing fluorescent light
environmentally friendly
Reduction of CO2 emission
LED TUBE reduces much greenhouse gas than existing fluorescent light so contribute to prevent global warming.
(CO2 is main source of greenhouse gas, 55% contribution to global warming)
It does not use environmentally harmful materials.
It protects international environmental regulation such as RoHS.
(It does not use mercury and lead including in the existing fluorescent light, and recycles 95% of waste after use.)
Illuminance comparison (opaque type)
It is clear by comparison that LED TUBE is brighter than existing fluorescent light.
LED constant current control
LED reliability is secured through LED constant current control, and it does not flicker and less eyestrain because it maintains a constant brightness.
it is shock-resistant from outside due to mould
It can be used safely and solid without breaking because its body is made by polycarbonate instead of glass.
solution for heating
The Heat of LED is minimized by its heatproof structure design and ensuring the reliability of the product.
2Item 1,198mm, 20W 580mm, 11W
Type Diffuser Cover Clear Cover Diffuser Cover Clear Cover
Power 20W 20W 11W 11W
Input Ballast Type
Flux 2,100 lm 2,150 lm 2,080 lm 1,116 lm
Efficiency 90 lm/W 93 lm/W 90 lm/W 93 lm/W
Color Rendering 75 Ra 75 Ra 75 Ra 75 Ra
Illuminance @1m 460 lx 490 lx 245 lx 260 lx
Lifetime 30,000 ~ 50,000 hour
Color Temp. 3,000 K, 5,500 K
Direction Angle 150o
Base Type G13
Dimension 1,198mm (4Ft.) / 25.5Ø 580mm (2Ft.) / 25.5Ø
Weight 395g 185g
Temp. Range Operation : -10 ~ 40oC / Storage -20 ~ 70oC