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Down Light
Down Light
long lifespan
It takes 50,000 hours to be reduced to 50% of initial speed of light so has long lifespan.
environmentally friendly lighting
Environmentally friendly products only using suitable materials for RoHS standards
low power
It can save 15%~20% of energy compared to existing lighting products.
light source without dazzling
Provision of comfortable lighting environment without dazzling
well-being lighting
Well-being lighting without UV emission which can be irritated to skin and eyes
lighting without EMI and flicker
While existing fluorescent lighting using ballast stabilizer has electromagnetic waves and flicker so it can give fatigue to broadcasting environment or eyes, it used ballast stabilizer for LED lighting only so it can prevent electromagnetic waves and does not have flicker.
uniform surface lighting
Uniform surface lighting to be able to produce comfortable lighting environment.(more than 80% of uniformity).
major usage
For home and office
Model CCT(K) Power(W) Flux(lm) Effiency(lm/W) CRI Size Round
DownLight 5,000 11 1,020 over 80 over 75 Φ166*97 Φ150mm