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What is EEFL ?

EEFL is an acronym for External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp, its electrodes are the outside of lamp unlike general fluorescent lighting, and it is next generation��s fluorescent lamp which heats less and its lifespan is 5 times more than general because it uses lighting methods to induce plasma in the lamp by the field of external electrodes.

Efficiency and economics

As it guarantees over 5 times longer lifespan than general fluorescent lamp, and over 3 times longer than other lamps, it reduces the cost by minimizing maintenance, and guarantees efficiency and economics because of 60% less power consumption than other general lamps.

Parallel Driving methods

It is safe from the high voltage and fire. When a lamp is damaged by shock or careless handling, only the lamp does not turn on and such damage does not influence on other lamps.

cold heat tube

Because heat is occurred less in the tube itself, it minimizes damage in the pictures, films, and other products and prevents discoloration by heat.